Topic: What You Don’t Know about Mercury Fillings CAN Harm You”

Topic: What You Don’t Know about Mercury Fillings CAN Harm You”

Millions of Americans have silver fillings, or amalgams, to patch cavities in their teeth.

“Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses,” the FDA said in a notice on its Web site in 2008.  Many people do not realize the “silver” amalgam fillings are 50% mercury. A large filling may contain as much mercury as a thermometer.

Unfortunately, the cost of a vast array of chronic, degenerative, mental and physical diseases related to mercury exposure in patients, dentists, dental personnel and society appears to be immeasurable.  Due to its poisonous nature mercury can adversely affect the immune, urinary, cardiac, respiratory and digestive systems.

Obviously, not everyone experiences acute toxicity effects from the mercury in amalgam fillings. However, virtually everyone does have mercury build up in their bodies from implantation of such fillings.

Another big concern of dental amalgam is effect on environment.  Almost half a ton of mercury makes it into surface and ground water every year just from the dentists who use it. And that’s after it’s been filtered through traps and public water systems.

If you need a filling in the future, remember:

  • Insist on one of the non-mercury alternatives for any new fillings. There are new materials available that are safe.  One of the best materials are bonded ceramics.  They are tooth colored so your smile will look better too.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Inna Shimanovsky, DMD

Dr. Inna Shimanovsky and Aadvanced Dental is a 100% mercury-free general dental practice specializing in advanced cosmetic/reconstructive dentistry and extensive dental care services using the latest science and technology in a caring and pain free environment.  Read other posts by Inna Shimanovsky.

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