Should I have my mercury filling replaced?

Should I have my mercury filling replaced?

Should I have my mercury filling replaced?

Mercury Amalgam FillingsDeciding whether to replace your mercury fillings should be carefully considered. There are many reasons to consider replacement of your existing amalgam fillings:

  • Many people come to us because their physician believes that heavy metals, including mercury, are making them sick and keeping them from getting better.  These people are commonly stuck in their illness.  They don’t improve even though they are doing all the right things—they are seeing excellent physicians, they are receiving exceptional treatments, they are following the prescribed treatments to the letter.  Despite their hard work, they are still sick.  These people are tired, frustrated, scared and just plain sick of being sick.  Many doctors understand that mercury can not only make your sick, but also keep you sick . . . it can block the body’s ability to heal.  When people are stuck in their illness, often the mercury leaking from their fillings is the obstacle preventing them from getting better.  Once the mercury is removed from their mouth and body, treatments begin to work as expected . . . they begin the process of healing.
  • Some people seek us out requesting mercury amalgam filling replacement because they understand that mercury is leaking from their fillings, being stored in their body and may cause disease.  They are taking a proactive approach so they don’t end up like the people described above.
  • Still others understand that mercury amalgam is an obsolete material. They have learned that these fillings will eventually damage the underlying tooth structure and have elected to replace them with modern materials before irreversible tooth damage has occurred.

No one can promise that by replacing your amalgam fillings you will experience any specific health benefit, however, many of our patients report they have experienced significant, positive health changes after safe and effective mercury filling replacement.  I can guarantee this—updating your mercury fillings with modern biocompatible materials will reduce your body burden of a known toxic material and help prevent the eventual tooth related damage caused by amalgam silver fillings.


About the Author:

Inna Shimanovsky, DMD and Aadvanced Dental is a 100% mercury-free general dental practice specializing in advanced cosmetic/reconstructive dentistry and extensive dental care services using the latest science and technology in a caring and pain free environment.



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