How to resist sweets during the holidays

How to resist sweets during the holidays

How to resist sweets during the holidays

Another holiday season is upon us. With it comes the temptation to (over) indulge in sweets at nearly every turn: home, the office, parties and more.

We all know what sugar does to teeth. But candy is so delicious!

No worries – you don’t need to completely cut out your sugar intake during the holidays. You can make it through with minimal exposure, though, if you stick to a few of these tips:

• Avoid chewy, sticky candies that will linger in your mouth. The longer sugar hangs around in your mouth, the more time it has to break down into the acids that can damage teeth and cause cavities.
• Try to find candy that’s sugar-free. You may not be able to avoid sugar outside your home, but while you’re there, you can sub in treats with sweeteners like xylitol.
• Opt for smaller bites. Instead of reaching for a king-size bar, go for the bite-sized stuff instead. It’s still sugar, but you’ll ultimately be eating less of it.
• Brush and floss regularly, and drink plenty of water to keep bacteria from growing in your mouth.

Above all, keep track of what you eat, and don’t be afraid to duck into the bathroom for a quick brush if you need to. Those few minutes spent cleaning away holiday treat remnants could save you a lot of time (and cash) once the holidays are over.

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