Your mouth is the portal to your body.

A healthy smile is essential for a healthy body.

We seek the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the goals of modern dentistry and of contemporary health care, and to recognize the essential connections between oral health and overall health.

Holistic/Biological dentistry is not a separate specialty of dentistry but a thought process and an attitude that can apply to all facets of dental practice and to health care in general: to always seek the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the goals of modern dentistry and of contemporary health care, and to recognize the essential connections between oral health and overall health. One of the main tenets of holistic dentistry is that the well-being of the mouth is an integral part of the health of the whole person.

There have been many concerns raised about the lack of knowledge on the dangers of dental amalgam fillings and the possible effects they have on sensitive individuals. According to FDA amalgam (silver) fillings consist of up to 50% mercury, which is a known toxin. Some research shows mercury may leak from amalgam fillings, and can then be absorbed by the body. Exposure to mercury as well as other heavy metals is likely to negatively affect your systemic health. During removal of these fillings we follow a defined protocol to prevent mercury from infiltrating your body. Not only do we employ this protocol but we also recommend immune support to help with removing toxins from your system.

Our Portland office is mercury-safe which means we use innovative and rigorous safety measures based on up-to-date scientific research to limit exposure when removing existing dental mercury amalgam fillings and replacing them with fillings utilizing non-mercury, bio-compatible alternatives such as composites and porcelain.

In terms of the equipment that we use, holistic and general dentistry are very similar. At AAdvanced Dental we use digital radiography which subjects the patient to 90% less exposure when compared to old-fashioned film X-rays. Therefore it's much safer to the patient while still being an effective and essential tool for dentists. Digital X-rays allow staff and patients to view their x-rays immediately on-screen while enabling Dr. Shimanovsky to easily spot problems such as deep and hidden decay, decay between the teeth, bone loss, and infections in the jaw that may be painless but could lead to severe health issues.

Amalgam / Mercury / Silver Filling Replacement:

Majority of older amalgam filled teeth show fractures and recurrent caries and should be treated. If you choose to have your amalgam replaced we are happy to provide this service using the safety precautions recommended by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology ( IAOMT). However, as a patient, this is your decision to make, and yours alone. In addition to the safety precautions, we do all we can to structurally strengthen the tooth via a resin composite restoration, in order to avoid future cracks and fractures. In some cases, when a great deal of tooth structure has been lost, we will recommend a porcelain or zirconium crown.

Dr. Shimanovsky is certified in the safe removal of mercury fillings.

What materials do you use instead of amalgam/mercury/silver?

Short answer: “non-metal,” tooth colored filling materials.
Long answer: it is a chemically bonded (glued), light cured (hardened), tooth colored glass composite resin filling material that contains slight amounts of non-reactive metal oxides so they are visible on x-rays. There are many different types of this material. We use products that are hypo-allergenic and have the best resistance to wear, which results in optimum restorations for most people.  If a patient is chemically and environmentally sensitive, we recommend the Clifford Compatibility Test, which is a bio-compatibility test to determine which materials the patient will be least sensitive to; this will allow us to perform a dental restoration that will result in no or minimal adverse reaction.   Dr Shimanovsky will take the time to examine patient's condition and provide options (ie filling versus inlay, onlay, or a crown) to suit patient's requirements and financial situation

What precautions do you take when removing amalgam/mercury/silver fillings?

At AAdvanced Dental we feel it is very important to safeguard everyone involved, both patients and staff, because we know that drilling on these fillings can release even greater amounts of mercury vapor and particles.  We have implemented the recommended protocols to protect patients and staff when working on teeth containing amalgam silver fillings, and are constantly seeking additional ways to improve our protocols. Currently we utilize the following precautions: charcoal tablets are administered before the procedure, Clean-Up suction (high power vacuum suction module that fits over the tooth and eliminates particles and vapors), continuous water irrigation over the area, oxygen nose mask (to deliver clean oxygen to the patient for breathing), and powerful air vacuum system to remove any escaping vapors and particles.  Our practice uses mercury separators to prevent contamination of the water supply and protect the environment.


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    Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

    • Is centered around your body’s total wellness
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    • Encourages optimum health and healing.
    • Helps optimize your defenses!

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