Get your teeth whiter this summer

Get your teeth whiter this summer

Get your teeth whiter this summer

There are only 90 days of summer !   Summer is the time to ramp up your social life, get in shape and feel good about yourself…there is no better way to accent your beauty then to flash a beautiful smile.

Here are some easy tips you can do yourself to give your smile the boost it needs:

1. Buy an electric toothbrush.

If you are one of the many that are still using a hand held toothbrush, it’s time to throw it away and make the investment in a good sonic toothbrush.

There is no easier way to begin to polish off red wine stains better than using sonic power.


2. Counteract the juice.

Juicing is the latest craze, and people tend to juice more during the summer because they’re wearing more revealing clothing. Juicing is great, but tends to severely stain your teeth. If you are a juicer, remember to brush afterwards.

Juicing tends to equal meal replacement which cuts down on the amount of chewing one does. Chewing stimulates saliva, which is not only great in fighting cavities, but also holds the power to rinse away stains. If you are juicing, remember to chew sugarless gum (preferably one that contains xylitol) before and after.

3. Try a bleach strip.

 bleaching strip

There are a lot of great over-the-counter methods of bleaching your teeth these days that don’t impede your social or work schedule.

Bleach strips are almost undetectable and only have to be worn for an hour a day. We can all find an hour a day.

Here’s a tip – maximum efficacy of most strips happens in the first 15 minutes. So to maximize your outcome – use three strips a session, changing them every 15 minutes for a total of 45 minutes a day. You’ll be guaranteed great results.

I recommend Crest 3D white professional effects white strips.

4. Use a whitening paste.

Whitening toothpastes have silica in them that scrub away stains. There is some controversy about the damage they may cause to the enamel, which is inconclusive at this point. To get the maximum stain removal effect safely, I recommend alternating the whitening paste every other day in conjunction with a non-abrasive high fluoride paste.  My personal favorite is The Natural Dentist whitening toothpaste.

5. Take care of your lips!


The best showcase of your teeth is to have healthy shining lips. Guys too! Usually during the summer, use something with SPF in it. It will protect your lips from sun damage while nourishing them at the same time.

To gain some wattage in your smile, use light hues of red in the balm, it brings attention to the teeth and makes them look whiter.

6. Use this model’s trick.

When going out during the day, a great way to give a little shine to the teeth is an old trick that models still use during shoots…Rub a thin layer of Vaseline on your teeth… Think of it as tooth gloss.  It will capture light shining in on your teeth and reflect it back giving extra brightness to the smile.

I hope these quick tips help give your smile what it needs to coast thru the rest of summer with confidence in your smile.


About Dr. Inna Shimanovsky and Aadvanced Dental: Dr. Inna Shimanovsky and Aadvanced Dental is a 100% mercury-free general dental practice in Oregon City, OR specializing in advanced cosmetic/reconstructive dentistry and extensive dental care services using the latest science and technology in a caring and pain free environment.


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