Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Dentalimplant1Tooth loss is no laughing matter. Having missing teeth can affect your self-esteem, nutrition, appearance, and can result in the shifting of your remaining teeth as well as lead to gum disease.  There are several options for missing teeth including dentures, partials dentures and dental implants. Dr. Shimanovsky, like most dentists who practice modern dentistry, recommends implants for her patients. Unlike dentures or partials, dental implants are the only tooth replacement that prevents the jaw bones from resorbing (deteriorating) due to tooth loss. Although dentures and partials are still a very popular treatment for many patients, they do nothing to combat the sagging facial appearance that occurs when the jaw bone resorbs.

The reason the jaw bone deteriorates after teeth are lost is because the tooth roots that are associated with the individual missing teeth no longer receive stimulation. These roots are normally stimulated through normal chewing and once the tooth is gone immediately begin to resorb. Unbeknownst to most patients is that the worst part of jaw bone loss typically comes within the first 18 months teeth is lost and lead to a face that looks older than it really is.

Dental implants give patients a natural, aesthetically pleasing look as well as combat the effects of tooth loss. Because dental implants are integrated into the jaw bone through surgery, they replace the tooth roots and provide the jaw with the natural stimulation they need to maintain their function. There really is no other form of tooth replacement that boasts this kind of health benefit with the added bonus of looking completely natural in a patient’s mouth.

Dental implants are more expensive than other options, but if you consider the health benefits and their ability to look and behave like your natural teeth, the advantages are easy to weigh. If you have lost teeth or are looking for a replacement for your dentures contact Dr.Shimanovsky.


About Dr. Inna Shimanovsky and Aadvanced Dental: Dr. Inna Shimanovsky and Aadvanced Dental is a 100% mercury-free general dental practice specializing in advanced cosmetic/reconstructive dentistry and extensive dental care services using the latest science and technology in a caring and pain free environment.


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